The clutter-free solution to bedside storage & charging.™

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Always by your bedside

Space-Saving Storage

Keep your essentials within arm's reach. iPads, phones, books, beverages, and more.

Dual 5v Universal USB Charger

Keep the power on. Charge two devices at once with the included dual 5v universal USB.

Easy Installation

Rotating attachment slides under the mattress and adjust to fit most bed/frame combinations. Try with your couch to hold remotes and game controllers!

What people are saying

I love it! It really helped with my dorm organization!


Ordered this and it arrived on time. Bought this for my daughter for her college dorm. Perfect since she doesn't have a lot of space in her dorm. Would recommend friends to buy.

Belinda M.

I love this product! It definitely solves a problem that I didn't realize I had before this. It's pretty annoying to have to snake a charger from the wall to the bed, and also my nightstand has gotten really cluttered with all the books, kindle stuff, lamps, phone, etc.

Enter The Night Caddy - night stand is clutter free, and my charging cables are right next to me - in arms reach!

Emmanuel E.

This thing is pretty well thought out. It holds everything! Super easy to set up and it arrived just a few days
after my order. Now I just have to keep the kids from stealing it from me.

David J.

I love this night caddy! It fits my 32 oz water bottle which doesn't fit any any other cup or water bottle holder
and I love having a place to charge my phone and my bluetooth speaker without using up space on my
nightstand. I also love being able to keep pens right by my bed instead of having them across the room. This is
super useful to me because I am a college student and dont have a lot of space!


Organize the clutter

The Night Caddy® is the deluxe bedside organizer that securely keeps essentials within arm's reach. It's the perfect solution for dorm rooms, small apartments and those with limited (or no) space for an end table. Wake up with your phone fully charged. Don't worry about losing the remote. Stop knocking over your night time beverage.

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Why Do I need The Night Caddy® when I have a nightstand?

The best use for The Night Caddy® is everywhere; your night stand is a landing spot for all things bed! It is unorganized, easily messed up and the perfect place to drop, spill, lose and ruin your bedtime essentials. 

The Night Caddy® is great for all environments, but our design and function excel in small spaces (dorm rooms, apartments, tiny houses), narrow areas (RV’s and Boats), lofted beds (college and bunkbeds), and even on the couch. 

We understand you are connected to your nightstand, however The Night Caddy® will organize your nighttime clutter, allowing you sleep stress free with nighttime essentials within arm's reach.  

Will mine arrive before the holidays if I order today?

Yes! We have plenty in stock and ready to ship.

Will this work with my bed?

Sleep Number bed? Yes, The Night Caddy® works great as long as the mattress and box spring have a separation between them and your base is not adjustable 

Standard Metal frame, box spring and mattress? Of course, The Night Caddy® was made for this, just separate the mattress and box spring and slide the arms and paddle in.  

Bunk Beds? Yep! We designed The Night Caddy® arms with bends in them that are 5 inches long. If the mattress sits within the frame, the attachment allows The Night Caddy® to rotate and rest on the bed frame. The frame needs to have slats, springs or something solid for arms and paddle to rest on underneath the mattress 

Do I need any tools to assemble or install?

NO! The Night Caddy® doesn't require any tools to assemble or for installation, it assembles in seconds and installs immediately. Just lift the mattress, slide in the arms, and adjust the caddy. 

Will The Night Caddy® hold my MacBook or iPad?

YES! The Night Caddy® is sturdy enough to hold a 13-inch MacBook Pro and it fits nicely. That Night Caddy compartment is .66 inches and a 13-inch MacBook Pro height is .59 inches (source: Apple Website).

Can I use my own USB charging brick?

The Night Caddy® was designed to be used with the charger that is included with each caddy. The charger is 1.4" x .9" x 2", not including the prongs that are designed to protrude from the bottom of the organizer when docked.