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Perfect for College
Review - October 15, 2018
My son uses this attached to his dorm bed. It fits perfectly and keeps his phone handy (with the charging cord out of the way). The attachment arms adjust depending on the mattress type.

Great product!
Review - September 27, 2018

Great product. I got it for both of my daughters in college and they love it!

K. Lennon
Great idea!
Review - September 14, 2018
Love this product and was easy to assemble. Use it every night.

Review - July 28, 2018
Not a whole lot to say about this. It works. I had a bunch of stuff on my nightstand and it just looked really cluttered. This is discreet (you can hardly see it in our room's setup), incredibly functional - holds my Kindle, iPad, notepad and pen overnight. There's a USB port which I use to charge my kindle. Pretty sturdy. Had it for about a month now and no complaints. If you're in the market for something like this, this is great.

De-clutter the nightstand and put charging cables in arms reach
Review - June 22, 2018
I love this product! It definitely solves a problem that I didn't realize I had before this. It's pretty annoying to have to snake a charger from the wall to the bed, and also my nightstand has gotten really cluttered with all the books, kindle stuff, lamps, phone, etc. Enter the night caddy - nightstand is clutter free, and my charging cable's are right next to me - in arms reach!

Nightstands are obsolete!
Review - April 30, 2018
Organizational superstar! I can easily charge devices and have a place to stash a bottle of water, a book and eyeglasses! No more worrying about coasters on nightstands to keep water off furniture. Also has individualized compartments, so bottle condensation will not get into other compartments. I also have one in my guest bedroom and it is always a hit. Guests don't have to struggle to reach the receptacle - which is always located behind the bed or nightstand. Plug in the Night Caddy and a dual USB charger is within reach. Great graduation gift.

Great Product. Fast Delivery.
Review - April 8, 2018
This thing is pretty well thought out. It holds everything! Super easy to set up and it arrived just a few days after my order. Now I just have to keep the kids from stealing it from me.

I love this Night Caddy
Review - March 22, 2018
I love this night caddy! It fits my 32 oz water bottle which doesn't fit any any other cup or water bottle holder and I love having a place to charge my phone and my bluetooth speaker without using up space on my nightstand. I also love being able to keep pens right by my bed instead of having them across the room. This is super useful to me because I am a college student and don't have a lot of space!