The ArmsReach team first came together at a Google for Entrepreneurs event called Startup Weekend in October of 2014.  During that intensive business incubator our team developed a concept, tested that concept by surveying people through the power of social media and good old fashioned personal interviews in a Walmart parking lot.  As we continued with our research we found that there are many items that people want near them while they sleep or lounge in bed.  The most common, however, were a water bottle, glasses, tablet, phone, and a firearm.  The team began designing The NightHolster, our prototype product, around these ideas.

The Startup Weekend gave us the platform to be creative and literally build this company from the ground up.  We accomplished our goal of creating a prototype that weekend and were rewarded with the first place prize.  Now, years later, we are still iterating and coming up with new and exciting ideas to incorporate into our products.  Our original product, The NightHolster has shifted into the Night Caddy, a more streamlined design offering an articulating mounting system that can fit any bed or frame.

This company is proof that with the right people you can do anything.  It sounds corny but this is the American dream, we all agree on that.  If we can convey one message to you it would be to never think you can’t.  Given the right platform and people around you, you can do anything.

Thank you for visiting our site and taking the time to learn more about where we’ve come from and where we’re going.